Prussian Blue

Prussian blue is a typically used electrochromic cloth with a variety of coloration altering characteristics. Applying Prussian blue to the electrode can manipulate the valence kingdom of iron ions in the complicated thru electrode potential, thereby inflicting coloration changes.
Considering that the Prussian blue electrocatalyst can higher catalyze the discount response of hydrogen peroxide in contrast to platinum, the first era of amperometric glucose biosensor the use of Prussian blue modified electrodes has been developed.
By making use of the first-rate magnetic, electrical, and optical homes of Prussian blue, more than a few different biosensors can also be manufactured, which have many blessings such as lengthy lifespan and excessive pH stability.

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Product Details
namePrussian Blue
CAS NO14038-43-8
Molecular formulaC6FeN6.4/3Fe
molecular weight859.23
Storage conditionsRoom Temperature
SOLUBLEpractically insoluble
stabilityStable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents, ammonia. Light sensitive.

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