Petroleum resins

Petroleum resin is a newly developed chemical product in current years. Due to its blessings such as low price, proper miscibility, low melting point, water resistance, ethanol resistance, and chemical resistance, it can be broadly used in a variety of industries and fields such as rubber, adhesives, coatings, paper making, and ink.Petroleum resin is a newly developed chemical product in current years. Due to its blessings such as low price, proper miscibility, low melting point, water resistance, ethanol resistance, and chemical resistance, it can be broadly used in a variety of industries and fields such as rubber, adhesives, coatings, paper making, and ink.

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Petroleum resins.jpgChemical factor structure mannequin of petroleum resin:

The most commonly used petroleum resin manufacturing applications are C9 petroleum resin and C5 petroleum resin.
C9 petroleum resin
C9 petroleum resin mainly refers to a resinous substance formed via polymerization of olefins or cyclic olefins containing nine carbon atoms or copolymerization with aldehydes, fragrant hydrocarbons, terpene compounds, etc.
C9 petroleum resin, also acknowledged as aromatic petroleum resin, can be divided into sorts such as hot polymerization, bloodless polymerization, and tar. The cold polymerization approach produces products with mild color and true quality, with an average molecular weight of 2000-5000. They are mild yellow to light brown flakes, granules, or blocks of solid, transparent and glossy, and have a relative density of 0.97-1.04. The softening point is 80-140 ℃. The glass transition temperature is eighty one ℃. The refractive index is 1.512. Flash point 260 ℃. The acid fee ranges from 0.1 to 1.0. The iodine fee is 30-120. Soluble in acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexane, dichloroethane, ethyl acetate, toluene, gasoline, etc. Insoluble in ethanol and water. It has a circular shape with partial double bonds and high cohesion. The molecular shape does not include polar or functional organizations and has no chemical activity. Good acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, and water resistance. Poor bonding performance, high brittleness, negative aging resistance, and no longer suitable for use alone. Good compatibility with phenolic resin, coumarone resin, terpene resin, SBR, SIS, however poor
compatibility with non-polar polymers due to their excessive polarity. Flammable. non-toxic.
C5 petroleum resin
C5 petroleum resin has gradually changed natural resin tackifiers (rosin and terpene resins) due to its excessive peel bonding strength, fast adhesion, secure bonding performance, moderate soften viscosity, good warmth resistance, good compatibility with polymer matrices, and low price.
The traits of refined C5 petroleum resin in warm melt adhesives consist of good flowability, accelerated wettability of the main material, right viscosity, and outstanding preliminary adhesion performance. Excellent anti-aging property, light color, transparent, low odor, low unstable matter. In hot soften adhesives, the ZC-1288D series can be used by myself as a tackifier resin or mixed with different tackifier resins to improve sure characteristics of the warm melt adhesive.

Petroleum resins

English namePetroleum resins
CAS NO68131-77-1
EINECS number265-116-8
Molecular weightBetween 300 and 3000
AdvantageLow price, good miscibility, and low melting point

application area 

Hot soften adhesive
Other applications: hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, solvent pressure-sensitive adhesive.
The performance and function of petroleum resin in different industries:
A. Paint
The paint more often than not uses excessive softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin, and C5/C9 copolymer resin. Adding petroleum resin to the paint can amplify the glossiness, adhesion, hardness, acid and alkali resistance of the paint film.
B. Rubber

Rubber mainly makes use of low softening point C5 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymer resin, and DCPD resin. This kind of resin has good compatibility with herbal rubber particles and has no significant affect on the vulcanization process of rubber. The addition of petroleum resin to rubber can play a function in increasing viscosity, strengthening, and softening. Especially with the addition of C5/C9 copolymer resin, no longer only can the adhesion between rubber particles be increased, however also the adhesion between rubber particles and wire can be improved, making it suitable for excessive demand rubber products such as radial tires.
C. Adhesive industry
Petroleum resin has outstanding adhesion. Adding petroleum resin to adhesives and pressure touchy tapes can improve the adhesion, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and water resistance of adhesives, and successfully reduce manufacturing costs.
D. Ink industry
Ink uses petroleum resin, by and large high softening factor C9 petroleum resin and DCPD resin. Adding petroleum resin to ink can achieve coloration development, fast drying, brightening effects, and enhance printing performance.

E. Coatings industry
The paint for road symptoms and road marking, petroleum resin, has exact adhesion to concrete or asphalt pavement, and has good put on resistance and water resistance. It has good affinity with inorganic compound substances. It is effortless to apply, good climate resistance, fast drying, and excessive firmness. It can also enhance the physical and chemical homes of the layer, and improve the UV resistance and climate resistance. Petroleum resin road marking paint is steadily becoming mainstream, and the demand is growing year with the aid of year.
F. Other
Resins have a certain diploma of unsaturated properties and can be used as paper adhesives, plastic modifiers, etc.
5、 Petroleum resin is a non hazardous fabric and should be included from sunlight and rain in the course of transportation; It cannot be transported collectively with spontaneous combustibles, strong oxidants, and sturdy acids.
Petroleum resin should be saved in a ventilated, cool, and dry environment. The storage period is commonly one year, and after one year, if it passes the inspection, it can still be used.

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