Harmony Chemical its Biodegradable Mulch Material Commercialization, Upholding Green Development in Agriculture

2023/08/30 17:50

Shandong Province  is known for its mild coastal monsoon climate, which makes it ideal for large-scale trials of biodegradable mulch. As a call for green agriculture, Harmony Chemical has developed 100% biodegradable agricultural mulch materials and worked with a downstream company and research institute to achieve their commercialization. Currently, fields using degradable mulch materials have achieved phased acceptance.


According to different types of crops, there are two main kinds of mulch applied that differ in their effect on the growth of crops, which are black film and white film.Resins or blends are used as raw materials for different mulch films, creating conditions fit for crop growth. The biodegradable mulch films offer excellent UV resistance and weed control performance, as well as being effective in increasing soil temperature and reducing water consumption.

Waneco TF3010

In the future, we will stick to developing diversified biodegradable materials with excellent quality for different industries. In cooperation with the official organizations and research institutes, Wanhua Chemical will leverage its integrated R&D platform to energize the industries. Also, we will continue to explore improving the quality of our products and will continue to contribute to sustainable development.

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