Polyamide resin is a condensed polymer compound with a CONH shape in the molecule, typically received by using condensation of binary acids and diamines. The most distinguished gain of polyamide resin is that the vary of softening factor is mainly narrow, not like different thermoplastic resins, which have a gradual curing or softening process. When the temperature is barely decrease than the melting point, it reasons fast curing. Polyamide resin has excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, vegetable oils, mineral oils, etc. Due to its polar corporations such as amino, carbonyl, and amide businesses in its molecules, it has awesome bonding residences for plastics such as wood, pottery, paper, cloth, brass, aluminum, phenolic resins, polyester resins, and polyethylene.

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牛皮纸袋装11111111.jpgPolyamide resin, as a massive quantity of engineering plastics, is extensively used in fields such as machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, cloth equipment, chemical equipment, aviation, metallurgy, etc.
Becoming an fundamental structural fabric in a number industries, its most important traits are as follows:
1. Excellent mechanical properties. Nylon has excessive mechanical energy and precise toughness.
2. Good self lubrication and friction resistance. Nylon has wonderful self wetting houses and low friction coefficient, ensuing in a lengthy provider lifestyles as a transmission component.
3. Excellent warmness resistance. High crystalline nylon such as nylon forty six has a excessive thermal deformation temperature and can be used for a lengthy time at one hundred fifty ℃. After being bolstered with glass fiber, the thermal deformation temperature of PA66 reaches Chemicalbook to above 250 ℃.
4. Excellent electrical insulation performance. Nylon has a excessive extent resistance and excessive breakdown voltage resistance, making it an super electrical and electrical insulation material.
5. Excellent climate resistance.
6. Water absorption. Nylon has a excessive water absorption capacity, with saturated water accomplishing over 3%. To a sure extent, it impacts the dimensional balance of the workpiece.
Used as a curing agent and toughening agent for epoxy resin, and as a cable sealing material. Mainly used as a curing agent for epoxy resin at room temperature, as a curing agent and toughening agent for epoxy resin, and as a cable sealing material. Mainly used for making adhesives, coatings, sealing washers, etc. Biochemical lookup on utilization.


Product NamePolyamide Rosin
CAS NO63428-84-2
AppearanceSolid particles
ColourBright yellow solid
package25 kg/pack

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