N,N'-methylene diacrylamide

N-N '- methylenebisacrylamide is an amine natural compound that is broadly used as a chemical reagent. is broadly used in the material enterprise to produce thickeners and adhesives, as properly as in the manufacturing of leak stoppers in petroleum exploration. It is additionally extensively used in quite a number fields such as leather-based chemistry and printing, and is a extensively used crosslinking agent with secure quality, excessive purity, and right overall performance in the market. It belongs to the class of acrylamide thickeners and adhesives.

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Usage 1: Used as uncooked substances for photosensitive nylon and photosensitive plastics, constructing grouting materials, and additionally for photography, printing, plate making, etc.
Usage 2: It can be used as a water blocking off agent in oilfield drilling operations and development grouting operations, as properly as as as a crosslinking agent in the synthesis of acrylic resin and adhesives.
Usage 3: Used as an essential cloth for isolating amino acids and as an vital uncooked fabric for photosensitive nylon or photosensitive plastics.
Application 4: Separation of biopolymer compounds (proteins, peptides, nucleic acids). The crosslinking agent of polyacrylamide gel was once prepared. Polyacrylamide gel science and medical test.

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